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theheartfiliaheiress-deactivate said:
Where were you sleeping?! /still continuing on giving him a bear hug/ I couldn't find you anywhere, i thought you were missing! I was so worried about you, you know that?! And i'd admit, i missed your annoying antics and your 'Aye!'. /sniffles and blushes from embarrassment/

Well you see, there was this giant tree that I found in the middle of nowhere, then I just had to climb all the way to the top. Then i realized it was late and I got really tired and fell asleep. Then I fell off, then I woke up AYE :D

intusdaemone said:
[/chuckles and hands him a good sized salmon] Here you go, Happy!


intusdaemone said:
Hello Happy! How are you? Would you like some fish?


theheartfiliaheiress-deactivate said:
Happy! /proceeds to hug the Exceed tightly, she's sure she can't breathe. Her eyes began to form tears in the corners and she has this silly grin plastered in her face. HAPPY'S FINALLY BACK!/ I'm so glad to have you back, Happy! I really am! I finally found you!

*Happy’s eyes bulged out of his face* LUCY GAHHHHHH You’re strangling meeeee AYE! I way only sleeping!!!

theheartfiliaheiress-deactivate said:
YOU'RE THAT BLUE EXCEED MY COUNTERPART WAS WITH, RIGHT?! [shocked] HI THERE! Haven't seen you lately, blue neko.

[yawn] Well that was a long nap :D

and YES

Hello everyone!

Please don’t think badly of me for anything involving the exeed :(

But I am back Aye! :D

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